Saturday, 27 December 2008

Weekly Quote 41

Each man will have to bear his own load - (Gal 6:5)
I remain true to God's expression in me

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In the world there appears to be a great many people, but each is the expression of the One; each is the one-and-only "Son" (or Daughter). This is why we must love each other and also why we cannot dissolve our own responsibilities in the activities of any group. The light that shines forth from some may encourage and guide us, but we each have to fulfil the unique expression that our heavenly Father seeks through us.

Within us each is the desire for worldly recognition and acclaim, and often we try to excel according to some worldly prototype. In so doing we inevitably stifle God's expression. It can become a very painful experience for some to come to terms with their own deep longings. Often they feel guilty, even ashamed. But this is their Divine starting point, that of which the Master says "It is (there) that the works of God may be made manifest."

So today accept and give thanks for what you are and resolve to turn it to good account, to glorify your Father in your own unique way, the way God established for you from the beginning.

The Path of Truth Vol. 55, No. 1 page 36.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Weekly Quote 40

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children - (Eph 5:1)
I go forth confidently as the child of God

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The philosopher Kant, quite early in his lone but monumental quest to show that man may claim true knowledge about his world, accepted that it is futile to try to prove that God exists. Instead, he took conscience as sufficient proof of God's presence in us. A deeply pious man all his life, he resolved that we must simply live as if God was real and so take hold of God's reality in our lives.
The Master states this truth so simply: "I am in the Father and the Father in me. We must work the works of Him Who sent me, while it is day." We cannot see God from afar - we uncover Him within us as we attune to Him in mind, heart, word and deed. As we "imitate" God, so does He become actual for us. The answer to those who sneer that we live in a fool's paradise is in our "works", the way we live our lives. There is God made manifest for all to see. What we could not prove beforehand, we prove by demonstration.

So unclutter your consciousness about the reality of God and step forth confidently and lovingly as the child who inherits His kingdom.

The Path of Truth Vol. 53, No. 5 page 297.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Weekly Quote 39

For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from Him - (Ps 62:5)
I keep mind and heart open that Good may flow

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It is great progress along our path of Truth when we are able to leave our needs and problems in God's hands. It is even greater progress when we resist our tendency to go back to see whether God has attended to them.

The unfolding of Good in our lives needs the channels in our minds and hearts to be open. We achieve this by cheerfully getting on with our lives and stilling our tendency to return to our problems. Simple affirmations like "Peace, be still" or "It is done," repeated as often as necessary, will help us. Even simpler is the orthodox ending to prayer, "Amen", which means "So be it."

Do not think that prayerful supplication is your main task in Truth, for God knows what you need. The great task is to accept that God is Good alone and that He longs to express Himself through you as your highest good.

The Path of Truth Vol. 55, No. 5 page 300.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Weekly Quote 38

The day shall dawn upon us from on high to give light to those who sit in darkness - (Lk 1:78,79)
I open myself to Wisdom and Power

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History books tell of the apparent achievements of people and nations, yet in reality it is like a stirring of the pot of humanity, with some elements rising briefly to the top and others sinking to the bottom, with apparent progress in one area matched by regress in another. Utopias are never reached but always humanity hopes the future will bring improvement.

The only true change and upliftment that can take place in man and his world arises invisibly in the hearts and minds of individuals as they open themselves to eternal Self. From the beginning God-as-man longs to come into expression. Heaven longs to come on earth.

So, if you would see true progress in your life, and thereby a positive contribution to your world, unleash Wisdom and Power within you. Do this through trust. Incorporate your natural Partner in your daily affairs, step back from wilfulness, be ever open to guidance in matters great and small. Behold Light where before there was darkness.

The Path of Truth Vol. 54, No. 5 page 287.