Friday, 27 February 2009

Weekly Quote 50, with Commentary from the School of Truth

And I shall walk at liberty - (Ps 19:45)
I am a beloved expression of God and my love for, and faith in Him, fulfil my good

So many of us are chained to something or someone. We may be the victims of fear, and what would we not give to be free of this destructive emotion? It prevents us from living fully and richly - from living adventurously and excitingly. Instead of enjoying the thrill of striving against the current in the middle of the stream of life, fearful people try to stay in a quiet backwater which they hope will be safe. We should all cultivate courage diligently. It will come with faith. Faith in the Power of God within us will make us bold and free.

We also need to rid ourselves of outworn ideas - the wrong ones instilled into us by ignorant people in our childhood perhaps. And these are not easy to eradicate.

But we must get rid of the ideas of God as a God, sitting on a throne in some remote heaven noting the errors of His erring children that He may punish them. God is a God of LOVE, understanding, and forgiveness.

The Path of Truth Vol. 57, No. 5 page 288.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Weekly Quote 49, with Commentary from the School of Truth

This is the day which the Lord has made - (Ps 118:24)
In my inmost chamber is Timelessness

We think God changes things for us. He changes nothing - it is we who change. The Psalmist declares in jubilation "The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone." Timelessness means that a situation may take on a very different appearance purely by the way we adjust our minds and hearts to it.

So do not wait for "things to change". Instead affirm "You, dear Father, are present now in this place. Your perfect ideas have always and will always be available to me. Nothing has first to happen." As thus you open your being to Him you find your clouds lifting, your limbs flexing, your mind clearing. What seemed utterly impossible is now possible.

In your inmost chamber is no clock. You cannot impose your notions of time and sequence upon All-presence. To try, is to congest and paralyse, not God, but yourself.

The Path of Truth Vol. 53, No. 6 page 355.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Weekly Quote 48, with Commentary from the School of Truth

My presence will go with you - (Ex 33:15)
I am open everywhere and always to God

Many people feel God is in some way rooted to their place of worship or communion. They go forth each day and then return to Him. But Omnipresence never leaves us, not for an instant. He is present in our periods of dedicated communion but no less in our most busy and active moments. He is present in events spiritual and carnal, when we are "good" and when we are "bad", when we are distracted by the world and when we take the opportunity to reflect.

His guidance is available not only at major crossroads in life but at every step we take. Often our greatest flashes of understanding come in unexpected moments - while we are busy with some ordinary task, doing something unconnected with our quandaries. Travellers on the path of Truth learn always to be open to His presence and not to depend on "big decisions".

"Do not be anxious about tomorrow" counsels the Master, because anxiety tends to close our inner doors. God is not constrained by time or place. So, if we leave our difficulties in His hands, neither should we be constrained.

The Path of Truth Vol. 54, No. 6 page 366.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Weekly Quote 47, with Commentary from the School of Truth

One there is Who is good - (Mt 19:17)
God pours good into my life

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We live our lives in episodes or along avenues. Each situation seems to play itself out in its own terms for better or worse. How often do we consider that a single Onlooker accompanies us throughout, for Whom our every situation is but a variation of one opportunity, to turn, behold Him and let Him in.

Do not imagine that you live among demons and saints, like in soap operas. You live within Oneness Who alone is Good. You cannot extract good where there is none, hope that manipulation of people and situations will suddenly release good for you. The Treasure is in your heart, and becomes manifest only as you release It.

As you start a new day say to yourself "There is One Who is good. This One dwells within me and yearns to be set free in my world. Now He goes before me pouring His goodness into every situation, unravelling it, bringing out the best in all involved. I fear no evil."

The Path of Truth Vol. 52, No. 5 page 289.