Friday, 17 July 2009

Weekly Quote 66, with Commentary from the School of Truth

Love is the fulfilling of the Law - (Rom 13:10)
Love in me overcomes all negation

Newcomers to Truth often put so much effort into being positive that they forget about love. Nothing can be achieved in Truth without love. Love is our acknowledgement of the oneness and supremacy of God, that nothing real opposes us or could possibly oppose us. Therefore we have no grounds for fear and its variations - anger, envy, possessiveness, vengefulness.

Love is a light always available to us but which we have to switch on. As night yields its imagined terrors to brightening dawn, so does all negation fade from our lives. There is no need for us to resist conditions, circumstances or persons. None can prevail. All dangers are illusions.

This may sound like the height of wishful thinking. It cannot be argued or proven from afar. You have to enter Love to demonstrate it. Love is Law that cannot do other than fulfil Itself.

The Path of Truth Vol. 53, No. 3 page 170.