Friday, 25 December 2009

Weekly Bible quote 87 from the School of Truth, read by andre

As a heart longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for Thee - (Ps 42:1)
I cast myself into the eternal arms of Spirit

"The water that I give will become in you a spring welling up to life unconstrained by the conditions and circumstances of the world" says the Christ-presence in you. And who of us, gazing into the clear, fresh water of a running stream, can fail to resonate with the Master's imagery?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Weekly Bible quote 86

A friend loveth at all times - (Prov 17:17)
Help me to be a true friend, Father

What a wonderful thing it is to have a true friend before whom, as Emerson says, we 'may think aloud'. He says: "Almost every man we meet requires some civility, requires to be humoured; he has some fame, some talent, some whim of religion or philanthropy in his head that is not to be questioned, and so spoils all conversation with him. But a friend is a sane man who exercises not my ingenuity, but me. My friend gives me entertainment without requiring me to stoop, or to lisp, or to mask myself."
Think of your own circle of acquaintances in order to prove how right the essayist is. To how many of them can you say exactly what you think? Is he not right when he says that most people have to be humoured? With one, you may not be able to discuss your religion because the form you follow differs from his. Another, perhaps, is extremely sensitive and you have to be on the alert not to give offense.

Appreciate your friends and give them of your best.

The Path of Truth Vol. 57, No. 4 page 233.

Weekly Bible quote 85

You have to be faithful over a little, I will set you over much - (Mt 25:21)
I face all life's experiences in love and trust

Life is all a matter of living through experiences and of growing by means of trial and error. Experiences are not sent to us by some outside power which is not under our control; they are not tests which we set ourselves. They call for the best that is in us and it is only when we fail to give of that best that we are overcome by the experience.

Weekly Bible quote 84

Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers - (Rom 13:1)
God's will is always good will

'Thy will be done' is the finest prayer we can say, yet how many of us say it from the heart? We repeat it in church maybe but do we really mean it? Are we willing to subject the personal will to the divine will?

We should cultivate the things of the Spirit if we want to advance along the pathway which leads to conscious at-one-ment with God - love, faith, truth, goodness, and beauty are the things we should concentrate on. Yet many of us are so busy trying to make money that we must work if we would eat and keep a roof over our heads, but we should also pay attention to those things which have everlasting value and which are the only things we shall be able to take with us when we pass on to the next plane of consciousness.