Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekly Bible quote 92 from the School of Truth, read by andre

All things work together for good - (Rom 8:28)
Because I know that God not only created our world, but maintains and governs it as well, I have no fears for the present or the future

Imagine a watch in which the wheels did not turn for the good of the whole; one in which some moved too quickly, others too slowly, in fits and starts and with occasional stoppages. That watch would be a calamity, a disgrace to its maker and quite useless to its owner.

If our little earth were anything like that it would be totally unfit for us to live on, but fortunately its Creator is Omniscience, incapable of making any mistakes at all. For this you and I should be immensely grateful. We dwell in a world of the wondrous in which there is the wherewithal to meet all our needs and to fulfil all our desires.

Why then do so many lack the good things they must have for happy and successful living? Only because they and frequently we, too, do not know or believe the TRUTH, which is that "God saw what He had made and behold! it was very good."

The Path of Truth Vol. 58, No. 1 page 16.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Weekly Bible quote 91 from the School of Truth, read by andre

If ye abide in my word, then are ye truly my disciples - (John 8:31)
Only as I practise love, can harmony be fulfilled through me

Many people claim to be followers of the Christ who do not practise His teachings. The world would not be in the state it is today if the nations were governed by love; races would not be at loggerheads if their contacts were based on love; there would not be the numbers of divorces we read of daily if marriage were founded upon love.

The Christ preached nothing else but love. We have been told that we owe no man anything but love, that love is the fulfilment of the Law; that we should love our enemies and our neighbours as ourselves. There was no aspect of living that He did not relate to love, but do we abide in His word or do we give Him lip-service only and go our ways criticising, envying, denigrating, and calling ourselves followers of the Christ?

We should have a care, God is not mocked, and they who err against the Law of Love shall bring upon themselves the reaping of their own sowing.

The Path of Truth Vol. 57, No. 6 page 354.

Weekly Bible quote 90 from the School of Truth, read by andre

He will gather the lambs in His arms, He will carry them in His bosom - (Isa 40:11)
My Father understands and protects me

Philosophers often look for God in the ice-cold atmosphere of intellect, some spiritual disciplines look for Him in the heat of ecstasy, others in the silence of meditation - it is their choice. But spirit, mind and heart are equally the domain of our Father. There are times when we need the steadying effect of detachment, but there are also times when we need deeply to feel His warmth about us and in us. Then it is wonderful to know He is there, comforting and protecting us. We are His lambs, His children, and He loves us more than any earthly parent.

Our journey in Truth should not make us too prescriptive or hard on ourselves. Our moods, our ups and downs, do not exclude Him. In whatever state we turn to Him, He is there. Our task is simply to accept him. Truth teaches accepting God equally in Spirit, heart and mind, but the focus of our need changes from time to time, and Omnipresence ever accommodates us.

The Path of Truth Vol. 50, No. 4 page 233

Weekly Bible quote 89 from the School of Truth, read by andre

Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping - (Lk 8:52)
I put God's idea above appearances

Ever since we each were born we have been subjected to the preachings of the religion of experience, of falsely claimed "reality", of inevitable outcomes. In the religion of experience reality exists regardless of how we may see it and we can do nothing to change it. Very few truly believe that "the eye is the lamp of the body", that our view of our world may change it.

Regardless of the gravity of what may appear before us, we have the right and the ability to hold our own view of it. As in the story in Luke, others may laugh at us, call us mad, but we hold fast to our knowledge that underlying all life's appearances is God's perfect idea, in which is no fear and no disaster.

You cannot settle this matter through debate, by logic, by weight of evidence. It can be settled only through personal discovery, by placing all your trust in Love, regardless of appearances. And it is not settled overnight - it requires sustained commitment. This is the path of Truth, the journey back to our Father, Who awaits us with great joy.

The Path of Truth Vol. 50, No. 5 page 292.

Weekly Bible quote 88 from the School of Truth, read by andre

As a heart longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for Thee - (Ps 42:1)
I cast myself into the eternal arms of Spirit

"The water that I give will become in you a spring welling up to life unconstrained by the conditions and circumstances of the world" says the Christ-presence in you. And who of us, gazing into the clear, fresh water of a running stream, can fail to resonate with the Master's imagery?

We long to reconnect with the Source of our being, to be refreshed from our fatigue, from fruitless involvements and endeavour. We recognise that it is not so much outwardly but inwardly that we have become lost. Deeply within us is an urging to be cleansed, again to experience the wholeness we truly know is ours.

As you would plunge into the relief of the burbling stream, cast yourself now into the eternal arms of Spirit, knowing that in It is the fulfilment of your every need and true desire, the guidance you require, and joy and peace for your aching heart.

The Path of Truth Vol. 55, No. 6 page 351.