Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Weekly Quote 106, School of Truth, read by Andre

Do not judge by appearances but judge with right judgement - (Jn 7:24) I see my world through eyes made sound in God Our exploration of the condition we call our "world" is characterised by us not believing everything we see, or what others are telling us to see. Always Truth transcends the obvious. Scientists proceed with theory, and instruments, and indirect measurements, and mathematics. The humanities explore conscience, and imagination, and the unconscious. The Truth seeker goes forward in faith. In spite of all appearances, we hope. We do not simply accept the "facts" because Truth is greater than facts. We judge "right" judgement. We see our world through God's eyes, which are our eyes made sound through trust in Him. We hold that the world is God's kingdom in which all our needs and true desires are already fulfilled, even if it does not seem so. So, when you are confonted by oppressive and frightening circumstances, say "God in me is greater than these. I do not resist them but trust absolutely in His presence to overcome them." The Path of Truth Vol. 54 No. 1 p. 46.

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