Friday, 10 September 2010

Weekly Bible Quote 116, School of Truth, read by Andre

Wise men store up knowledge - (Prov 10:14)
I trust God to reveal the solution

When human judgement fails, as sooner or later it will, and our plans don't turn out the way that we hoped, our first reaction may be stubbornly to try to work out "what went wrong?" or "who is to blame?" and thereby to convince ourselves that our correct choices unjustly received the wrong results.

But this is the time to let go of the little "wisdom of men". In your quiet communion forgive yourself for trying to proceed without Spirit. Forgive yourself for thinking that someone or something could stop Divine destiny from unfolding for you. Good always works on your behalf if you are willing to let It. All-knowing always reveals to you how to get back on track.

These experiences accumulate in you as true Wisdom. As your path of Truth unwinds through the hills and valleys of life, it leaves you a more adept traveller, a better steward of God.

The Path of Truth Vol. 56 No. 3, p. 160.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Weekly Bible Quote 115, School of Truth, read by Andre

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning - (Ps 30:5)
With God's help I rise above sorrow

We all encounter sorrow at some time during our journey through life.

It may have been considered right at one time, when a dear one passed on to another plane of consciousness, to shut oneself away from the world and be overwhelmed with grief. But surely today we should know better than that? Life must go on, and the sooner we return to our work and our daily occupations the better. In this way we help God to help us. It does not do us any good to sit and brood on our loss - it but increases our misery.

Then let us return to normal living as soon as possible. We shall miss the physical presence of the one who has gone, but let us not look on what we call death as a closed door, but as an open gateway to a life of greater achievement. Let us think of the good of the dear one, not of ourselves.

The Path of Truth ; Vol. 58 No. 1, p. 38.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Weekly Bible Quote 114, School of Truth, read by Andre

Do not I fill heaven and earth? Saith the Lord - (Jer. 23:24) Divine love is with me and goes before me. I give grateful thanks. It is written that "the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork," and we who tread the rich earth beneath the blue sky above us apparently know nothing of these truths, for if we did how could we believe in two powers - the one forever seeking to dim the glory of the other? God created the Universe and our small world is part of It. It is spread before us, a wonderful panorama, but we are blind to its fairness, doubtful of its abundance, of its winding ways because we do not KNOW that GOD IS EVER WITH US; that He is the Beauty that should uplift our hearts and delight our eyes; that He is the teeming harvest of land and sea; that as we go forward on our journey through this plane of experience to which - in love - He has brought us, his Presence shall protect us, his arm support us as He goes before us lighting our path and leading us to the Kingdom of our good awaiting us at its end. The Path of Truth Vol. 57 No. 5, p. 289.

Weekly Bible Quote 113, School of Truth, read by Andre

Love does no wrong to a neighbor - (Rom 13:10)
Love takes me unfailingly to my highest good
Love, by definition, cannot work against itself. It is a Force forwards, not erosion. We must remember this when we experience an impulse to lash out, to "score a point" against someone who seems to have hurt us or tried to hurt us. When we succumb to such reactions we simply paralyze ourselves, render ourselves unable to continue on our path.
"What is that to you? Follow Me" says the Divine presence within you. Set your vision on the Light ahead of you and let shadows fall behind you. True loving is not sentimental - it is declaration in word and deed that you are ruled by one Power, the only Power in the universe.
Love is not your private champion. Love is the all-powerful Referee Who resolves all apparent conflicts of interest. Know this, that in Love, regardless of all appearances, is your highest good and the perfect outcome.
The Path of Truth Vol. 53 No. 6 p. 363.

Weekdly Bible Quote 112, School of Truth, read by Andre

Rekindle the gift of God within you - (2 Tim 1:6) I keep going on my path of Truth Omnipresence, by definition, never takes away. His gift permeates us from the beginning, but we may go through periods of our lives when we are forgetful of this treasure. Later, we may feel we have lost what we once had and that we must start afresh to regain it. This is not so. As by blowing gently on hot coals we find the fire of God's love ready in an instant to warm us and light our darkened room. So do not feel ashamed if you have wandered from the path of Truth and now wish to resume. Great is the joy in Omnipresence. Progress in nature can be deceiving. Emerson remarks on periods of apparent lapse: "In times when we thought ourselves indolent, we have afterwards discovered that much was accomplished and much was begun in us." Time is a huge mystery. It may even be just an idea necessary to this plane of consciousness. Do not worry about it but keep going on your path, for on it alone is fulfilment. The Path of Truth Vol. 54 No. 6 p. 354.

Weekly Bible Quote 111, School of Truth, read by Andre

As many as touched it were made well - (Mt 14:36) I open my world ever more to God Mankind struggles to look after itself - it is right that it should. We take from here to put into there, we patch holes, we mend tears, we plan and we work and we wage wars, great and small. But true wellness is a state of completion, of perfection. Before we were partial or broken, now we are whole - not mended, not topped-up from elsewhere. Understand the Christ of the Bible as Wholeness, as God's perfect idea of you and me. There is nothing we need from elsewhere. There is no "elsewhere".. All worldly struggle to put things right is temporary, a borrowing, an action in time that instantly invokes reaction, while the garment of Wholeness beckons us timelessly: "Touch Me, put Me on, that you may be My perfect child." Your world is not opposed to God, but is of God. Open your world ever more to Him that it may be made well. Touch God within you today, let Him in, and be whole. The Path of Truth Vol. 52 No. 5 p. 290.

Weekly Quote 110, School of Truth, read by Andre

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only - (Js 1:22) I make my life a living prayer One type of dualism holds that heaven and earth are separate realms. But God is Oneness. He cannot be divided along any lines. For us His kingdom includes spirit, mind, feelings, body and affairs. The Master's affirmation "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven" means that we express God in All aspects of our being. Yes, we need to release God from our spiritual core into our minds and hearts. But our purpose is not complete until we release Him too into our physical bodies and material affairs. The tree is known by its fruits - of which others may partake. Our inner life is revealed to others by our visible appearance and the things we say and do. We share ourselves physically and materially with others. Contemplation of God can become a trap which prevents your fulfilment. Make of your life a living prayer, which demonstrates here and now - in this time and in this world. The Path of Truth Vol. 52 No. 6 p. 365.

Weekly Bible Quote 109, School of Truth, read by Andre

You will decide on a matter, and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways - (Job 22:28) Quietly, I place my trust in God If you "decide" to place your highest good in God's hands you have advanced far on your path of Truth. Decision replaces the anxiety that separates you from true Self, and opens up the way ahead. Faith, trust, serving one master - this is the great watershed of everyone's life. It is better that you come to it gradually and thoughtfully. It is better that you reach it through the filter of God-given scepticism, for then the decision endures, is strong enough to survive your inevitable stumbling and lapses of courage. A state of mind that relies on high religious emotion or contrived consciousness is not the Master's "rock". Say quietly to yourself "I step back from oppressive appearances and place my trust in God. He fills my life with light." The Path of Truth Vol. 54 No. 3 p. 168.

Weekly Bible Quote 108, School of Truth, read by Andre

If your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light - (Mt 6:22) Steadfastly I direct my expectation towards Him As the eye is to the body, so understanding is to our whole life. When we perceive ourselves as inadequate and our world as hostile and dangerous, it is like locking ourselves in a dark room, but when we perceive ourselves as God's beloved children and our world as His world, we find ourselves surrounded by light, space and opportunity. With God all things are possible, but we must direct our expectations towards Him. How easily we all slip into negation, into irritability and aggression. It happens so fast sometimes that it shocks us and we ask ourselves "Was that me?" But we are given almost infinite opportunity to return to the path, again to put all our hope in Him, and to step forth as His representatives. That we are aware of our lapses and regret them are very good signs for us. The practice of Truth is steadfastly to claim our Sonship. It may be easier at some times than others but because of our persistence, our "importunity" as the Master puts it, He opens the doors one after another that take us further into His kingdom. The Path of Truth Vol. 55 No. 3 p. 172.

Weekly Bible Quote 107, School of Truth, read by Andre

He loves righteousness and justice - (Ps 33:5) I give that which I would receive Great minds over the ages have toiled with the concept of goodness. Is it just the absence of pain and suffering? Is it just a social convention? Is there some real, essential quality in the universe which is goodness? The intellect alone cannot provide the answer. Within each of us is a bell which resonates to the vibrations of goodness. When we experience it we know it to be real and we know it is good. We are the microcosm of God, His children. Just as a child rejoices at the return of a parent to the house, so do we rejoice in the Presence of our heavenly Father - in our minds, hearts, bodies and affairs. God's goodness is released through unbreakable Law. It is the Law of "like attracts like". We make of ourselves new wineskins for new wine. We open our hearts in love for Love. With trust we reach out. We give and it is given to us. We forgive and we are forgiven. We open our lungs and breathe of His life and health. Truth may be hard to practice but it is not complicated. With deep commitment we turn to basics. The Path of Truth Vol. 50 No. 2 p. 103.

Weekly Quote 106, School of Truth, read by Andre

Do not judge by appearances but judge with right judgement - (Jn 7:24) I see my world through eyes made sound in God Our exploration of the condition we call our "world" is characterised by us not believing everything we see, or what others are telling us to see. Always Truth transcends the obvious. Scientists proceed with theory, and instruments, and indirect measurements, and mathematics. The humanities explore conscience, and imagination, and the unconscious. The Truth seeker goes forward in faith. In spite of all appearances, we hope. We do not simply accept the "facts" because Truth is greater than facts. We judge "right" judgement. We see our world through God's eyes, which are our eyes made sound through trust in Him. We hold that the world is God's kingdom in which all our needs and true desires are already fulfilled, even if it does not seem so. So, when you are confonted by oppressive and frightening circumstances, say "God in me is greater than these. I do not resist them but trust absolutely in His presence to overcome them." The Path of Truth Vol. 54 No. 1 p. 46.

Weekly Bible Quote, School of Truth, read by Andre

Always and for everything giving thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus-Christ to God the Father - (Eph 5:20)
Gratitude and joy seal God's purpose in me

In times of difficulty - as we all experience - God's presence, the "Christ"-presence, may seem far away. Yet the Father never leaves you. He longs to help His child who is in trouble, but you must acknowledge Him, and there is no more direct way of doing it than simply to feel gratitude. Nothing in your predicament may seem to justify thanks, still you feel it.

"Dear Father, in this deep, dark valley I feel alone, yet Your presence abides in me and I thank You for it. Your hand reaching out and I grasp it. All is well. I am filled with joy."

Without darkness we should never know light. Every over-coming fulfils God's purpose in us. Every time we remain firm, insisting that God abides in us regardless of circumstances, we grow in stature as His children. Our gratitude and joy is His gratitude and joy, the surest possible sign that we fulfil our - and His - purpose.

The Path of Truth Vol. 53 No. 5 p. 295.