Saturday, 19 February 2011

Weekly Bible Quote 139

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold - (John 10:16)
I do not condemn other religions but seek to understand them

There are people who think that they have found the only path which leads to God. How wrong they are. I think that it iwas Dr Harold Taylor who said: "There are as many roads to the attainment of wisdom and goodness as there are people who undertake to walk them. There are so many solid truths on which we can stand, as there are people who can search them out, and who will stand on them. There are as many ideas and ideals as there are men of goodwill who will hold them in their minds, and act upon them in their lives."

As long as love is the basis of a religion, the form of worship is not important, so let us not condemn others because they do not see eye to eye with us. Each of us must find his own way to God, and the form of religion we have is the best suited to our present standard of growth.

It is not for us to act as judges of another. The ultimate aim of each of us should be consciousness of our unity with the Father.

The Path of Truth May/Jun 2009, p. 125

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