Friday, 25 February 2011

Weekly Bible Quote 141

For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways - (Ps 9:11)
God is my ever-present help and strength the whole day through

There was a picture, often seen in school-rooms and nurseries in days gone by, of a small child walking across a narrow bridge that spanned a deep gorge. The child was walking confidently ahead while overshadowing him was a splendid and most solicitous angel. Children were taught - and believed - that each one had a Guardian Angel sent by God Himself to watch over them.

Angels are not much in favour or in fashion nowadays, but the principle underlying their existence is the same. Whoever and wherever we are, we are surrounded by the Living, Loving Presence Who never leaves our side, day or night. We have but to turn within and become aware of this Presence to realize that we are safe, secure, guided and encouraged.

Older generations drew comfort from imagining radiant winged beings hovering about and affording heavenly protection. We can be thankful for the same loving watchfulness, understanding that in God we live, move, breathe and have our very existence.

The Path of Truth, Sep/Oct 2010, p. 300.

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