Sunday, 2 January 2011

Weekly Bible Quote 127, School of Truth, read by Andre

You must be perfect - (Mt 5:48)
I accept God's wholeness in mind, heart and deed

Many great thinkers are of the view that man and nature itself strive to move in a certain direction because there is a goal or place of stability at the end of such striving. Perfection may lie infinitely distant from us but there is no reason why we should not move towards it, contemplate it, occupy it in heart and mind as we would an ideal room or house.

In times of great distress do not join the tumult, do not engage with the factors you imagine make up your predicament. Rather step back entirely from the situation and enter the Wholeness which is truly your home, where you are enfolded in protecting arms, where all fear is banished, where all is well.

It does not help us to regard the solution to our problems as in a time and place other than where we are now. Reality is within us. Perfection is within us. We accept it, make of it our own in heart and mind, and pass it on in our speech, our actions, our body and our affairs.

The Path of Truth Feb/Mar 2003, p. 39.

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